Friday, 1 July 2011

Colour Between The Lines

Racism in Australia is beyond a joke. People in the town I live in are under the assumption that all aboriginal children are born with a goon bag in there hand and a centrelink cheque in their pocket. Its bullshit. I was always taught thay colour means nothing, black, white, caramel, we are all people ..were all humans. I'm not setting out to offend people, I just want to get my feelings out there.

From a young age I was taught that the colour of your skin doesn't matter, we are all just people and I believe that means that we should all have the same rights. Unfortunately this isn't always the case and I have found that as I have got older, its a select few that manage to bring down an entire people. We see it alot, especially around our area. Kids as young as 10 chroming aroung the corner, drinking, smoking and I know this isnt limited to colour as young caucasion children do it aswell, but as soon as someone sees someone of colour doing it, the race card is pulled out.

Mr Man can be a bit of a racist sometimes. He has a low tollerance for people that take advantage of the system or that use their colour as an excuse for their problems. I have found that in our group of friends its the same opinion with alot of them. Its really sad. I have friends of all races and I don't judge them for their colour. One of my best friends is Islander and I love her to peices. But when I hear her talk about how people will judge her because of what she's wearing or what they will think of her car, it makes me really sad. She's a good kid, she works for her money, and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Reverse racism is really bad as well...fuck you whitey is often heard in our neighbourhood and the little kid next door once called me a Capitan Cook Cunt...because I told him to stop playing in our yard. He was no less than 8. But apparantly we deserve it. I'm of the opinon that we deffinately should of said sorry, as a country. We came here, raped their land, took their freedom away from them and introduced them to alcohol. Then when their dependancy gets so bad that they are having to make their towns "dry" to stop rape and abuse, we really have to have a look at the hand we had in it. I agree that as a child of the new generation I didn't personally have a hand in what happened, but my ancestors really fucked up...they did...and the stolen generation and the taking away of rights should never have happened.

In saying that though, I don't think anyone should be babyed in this country, the 4% homeloans are a joke...and the extra benefits you get because of the colour of your skin are just stupid. We are all capable of working, being responsible and an active member or society and I have no sympathy for any dole bludger that is capable of changing their situation and improving their life. It make me cranky that they cry poor and the race card when they have the ability to be something better.

I don't want to come across as a biggot, because that's not what I'm trying to do. I strongly belive education begins at home, with the parents. If your kids hear you say "aye ya black cunt" they are going to think its okay. If they here you say things about asians or indians they will always copy you, always. But its the same with chroming or drinking, you have to be a parent first. The system hasn't failed your kids, you have. Parenting is the same no matter what the colour, and you can see with the filthy mouths on some kids that its just not happening. They aren't going to school, they are constantly breaking the can't help but wonder what the home life is like. Can't be all good can it.

If parenting fails then its up to the legal system to pick up the slack, and once the kid is in the system it is rare that anything changes, then the "fuck the police" mindset is passed on to their children, then their children. Its a cycle that needs to be ended for racism to disappear. But their will always be one side oppressing another side and I just wont ever go away.

In a perfect world the colour of your skin wouldn't matter and you would be judged on the person you are and your merit. We can all take little steps to get there. Don't judge anymore, before you say something bad about a person of the opposite race, think what it would be like if that was happening to you. I just want everyone to live together, without the slurs, without the assumption of bad, just, get along. Im not expecting anyone to feel the way I do. Just make one change in the way you approach situations, you will find it will really change your life, or start too anyway. You will feel better about it, your life will be better. I promise!

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