Sunday, 22 April 2012

Secret #43

Little girls, scare me. 13-14 year old girls, with mouths like prison women and wearing about as many clothes as strippers. With todays society, how can we expect any less? Popular culture provides a vessel for companys to pedal wares to the young consumer, who is more likely to spend their pocket money on material things to raise their status. But we cant continue to blame these companys, celebrities or social media. We need to look at ourselves.

The installation of self confidence begins young. Teaching young girls about their value in society and this ability to become whatever they want to be. Society has come a long way in its fight for equal rights for women, pay grades, voting, work...we are no longer chained to a house. Girls need to be taught about self worth, to gain the confidence needed to face all the things thrown at them from a very young age.

You are strong, you are kind, you are important. A valuble quote for any woman. To believe in yourself and the value of your person eminates positive energy. I personally find believing in this message, very hard. While deep down i know that its true, my personal view of myself, blocks out what i should be seeing. This is no fault of anyone but myself. I have to work on this and its something only i can do. Im halfway there, admitting the problem. Wish me luck! Xo

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