Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where Did You Go?

I have been getting a couple of emails lately asking me what happened to my blogs. I had alot of stuff happen in my hiatus, stuff that diminished my confidence in my writing abilities.

Whilst it has been found to be untrue and unfair, it took away my drive, passion and ability to write exatly what im thinking. But im happy to say that im back...and im ready to write.

Over on my personal page, i have been undertaking the 365 Project (a photo a day for a year) to give people a little insight into me, my passions and my loves. Integrated into this is a personal calling it "Secret #52" where I include a secret a week. Some are sad, some are funny, but mostly its things that live in the back of my mind and I feel the need to get out. Instead of flooding this blog with catch up photos and stories, i will incorporate Secret #52 within my general blogs.

So stay tuned, tell your friends and i look forward to sharing with you a revamped F.orgotten in Silence Xo

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