Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Swinging in The Breeze

I have become complacent with life. Too often I just do what I’m told because the effort it takes to disagree is just not worth it. But on the other hand if something is going on that I really truly disagree with, I will make sure that my opinion is heard!
I’m sure that my friends sometimes just agree with me because fighting with me is just not worth it. I get in trouble a lot because I tell them how I feel, not in a mean way, but I think they just feel like I am disrespecting them, but that is not what I am trying to do at all. Most of the time I am just trying to give them some advice on a situation they are in or on something that is going on in their life. Maybe they are just shocked that I said something but I’m pretty sure that is what friendship is about, being honest and trying to help your friends whenever you can.
Recently a lot of people I know are taking the steps that they need to really make a difference in their lives. Whether it is moving, or taking on a whole new career or even just taking on a relationship with someone completely new. It’s really made me think about why people become so complacent with life when they are clearly unhappy with their situation. I get annoyed at people who sook and whinge about how horrible their life is and how they wish things would change for them. But if you aren’t ready to take the necessary steps to change the things that you don't like in your life, do you really expect the people that love you to just sit around and listen to you complain about it and how horrible it is?
Because I won’t, I won’t sit there and listen to you. I will help you 120%, in ANY way I can to change the direction your life is going. I will support you in the changes you will make. I will support you when your endeavours don't succeed, ill be there to help you pick up the pieces and start again, and I will be there with you to celebrate when you succeed.
Don't settle for what life has given you because it’s easy or convenient. There are many people out there who don't have what we have here in Australia. There are people with no running water, no sewerage systems, who don't get to eat every day, who don't have the limbs to exercise, who are born with disabilities, who are diagnosed with a life threatening disease. There are so many people who would kill to be given the skills and the opportunity to have the life that we have. To have one more day with their family, or have an education.
I make this my solemn promise: I will not become complacent with my situation. If there is something about my life that I am unhappy with, I will change it. If I am given an opportunity to grow as a person, I will take it. I will smile or say hello to anyone who makes eye contact with me. I will tell my family that I love them at every opportunity. I will thank everyone for the work they do that day. I will be kind to every Sales Assistant I come across. I will not sook about my money situation or bills anymore.
I want you all to make a promise to me as well. That you will no longer be complacent, that you will no longer just swing in the breeze. Make a promise to yourself, something that you want to change, something that you want to do differently...and make positive steps to change it. You can start small something as simple as being nicer to people every day, or making an effort to work towards training to help you excel in your career.
If you don't live life to the fullest capacity and do everything in your power to grow and develop as a person then you are letting yourself down
A life half lived is a life wasted!

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