Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Truly Madly Deeply

I’m about to make an admission that might make, or break the way that you will think about me as a person, and it’s very hard for me to say. Once upon a time, I was in LOVE with Savage Garden. Their music spoke to me in ways I could never express by myself. I saw them live and they were amazing. When I was in my early teens and I was depressed or overwhelmed, I would listen to their music and cry, and 100% relate to what they were saying in their songs.
So when they broke up, I was a little bit upset, and it made me start to think about what happens to the people in Bands or Group when they broke up. In the situation of Savage Garden, Darren Hayes and Daniel Johns they have had varied levels of success. Darren has gone on as a solo artist and song writer, working predominately in the UK. He seems to be having a little bit more success in the UK rather that his home of Australia which is probably why he relocated over there. He has proved that his song writing ability hasn’t wavered and I am still a huge fan of the way that his music soothes me and makes me feel instantly better. Daniel on the other hand stepped out of the spotlight and launched his own Production Company here in Australia where he works with young Aussie Musos.
My question is...not motivated by their success or what they have done since, but what made them decide to split in the first place? Why do MANY great Aussie bands decide to step out of the lime light and split up?
In the case of Savage Garden it seems that Hayes had an urge and desire to expand his career and took on the main face of the duo, promoting the albums in the UK and America while Jones stayed home in Australia. It was Hayes to announced the break up off record in an interview with an Australian journalist, when Jones caught wind of it he shrugged it off as another rumour before later confirming further rumours that he was leaving the duo. Hayes was later quoted saying that the group would never by any chance reunite. He is however still an incredible song writer and his music still speak to me in ways that no one else’s does.
Powderfinger are another iconic Australian band that has recently disbanded, although they claim that it was because they had said all it was that they needed to say with their music thus far. Quote: “We have always maintained that the important factor for us as a group is that our music remains relevant and that we continue to have fresh ideas that inform our new songs. With the completion of our last album, Golden Rule, we feel that we have said all that we want to say as a musical group.
We firmly believe that it is our most complete and satisfying album and can't think of a better way to farewell our fans than with music that we believe in an also with, hopefully, our best tour to date.”
How is it decided that you are no longer relevant, and what is this saying to young Australian bands desperate to make it to the big time. You look at a band like Disturbed and all their success, how long they have been making music for and how relevant they continue to be....and I can’t help but think that this is just a huge cop out. As you age your tastes change and your music will slightly change to reflect that. The best Australian Bands have to look forward to , is to be a slightly exaggerated national success, if they are really lucky they will break the UK market and be able to cater to that audience as well (they love us!). Then hopefully not fizzle out after a few years and continue to have great success.
I really admire people that decide that Music is what they want to do for their lives and they work towards it forever. I really wish I had of followed my dreams of being an actress and a writer, but I really know that it probably wasn’t something I would be able to accomplish, or do for a lifetime. I really needed something sustainable. But I really do wish I had the determination that they did, the drive so succeed and do it the way that they dreamed of and that they wanted to. Makes me proud of the Australian Spirit,
Whatever happened to bands like ACDC, who play and sell out shows and make the same music for their whole career? Those lads were rocking on into their 60's before they disbanded and gave up. Are the Australian bands of today getting soft and complacent? I don’t think so. I mean I know some local bands that go hell for leather at every gig and give it everything they have got. They have had local, state and a little national success, but if I told you their name you would probably have no idea what we are talking about. We need the big and successful Aussie bands to come and MENTOR these up and coming ones. Give them advice on how they succeed and what to do when you get there to continue to make amazing music. How to keep inspiring people with your words and moving people with the determination. So maybe Daniel Jones is onto something..maybe that’s what we need. We can’t continue to think that someone if going to come to your show, who runs a label and signs you up straight away. This rarely happens. All your success has to be made, by YOU!
But I guess relationships change, and people change and sometimes a break up is inevitable, be it because of an artistic difference or a personal difference. Maybe some people, some bands are just better off apart. I still don't like saying goodbye to a duo that wrote music which understood me so well, that I grew with, but ce’la vi...what will be will be...
I’ll find someone else that will take their place, someone younger and more determined!

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